10,000 Women program by Goldman Sachs - China

Although the program has now ended, the 10,000 Women Initiative trained women business owners on key entrepreneurial and managerial skills and gave them a global perspective in their business. The program, begun in 2009 ended in 2014, assisted 1,677 women in China. The initiative tracked average revenue growth of graduates’ businesses; in China graduates of the program experienced 140 percent growth from six to 18 months into the program, with 25 percent average job growth for participants’ businesses. 26 percent of participants reported having an operational business plan at the baseline, and six months later 51 percent reported having an up-to-date business plan. The initiative’s progress report gives other interesting statistics, including that 89 percent of participants agree that having a mentor or business advisor helped them expand their business. In March 2014, Goldman Sachs announced the establishment of a Women Entrepreneurs Opportunity Facility, cofunded by the International Finance Cooperation (IFC). The initiative will raise up to US$600 million to enable approximately 100,000 women entrepreneurs to access capital.