Springboard Enterprises

Launched in 1999 as a forum to showcase women-led companies seeking equity financing, Springboard Enterprises offers training and coaching to women who need help pitching their enterprises. The organization showcases women who lead high-growth, technology-focused companies. As of 2014, it had worked with more than 1,000 women entrepreneurs. Of those, 562 had raised $6.6 billion and 11 had made initial public offerings. Launched in 2012, Springboard Enterprises’ Australia Accelerator Program  has supported two cohorts of 16 technology and life science companies. The program is open to companies with high-growth potential that are based in Australia and that have a track record of achievements (high revenues, secured clients, etc), that are seeking institutional investments over the next 12-18 months, and that have a woman in a senior management position who has a significant equity stake. The companies receive intensive training on how to pitch to investors and are then invited to present to a select group of investors. Program alumnae continue to network with each other, and they give back to Springboard by acting as recruiters, advisers or investors for the next generation of companies.