Vietnam Microfinance Working Group

Established in 2004 under the VUFO-NGO Resource Center, the VMFWG’s vision is to “provide the poor in Viet Nam with support and access to professional, sustainable and socially responsible financial services.” The group also provides a forum for microfinance practitioners to lobby as a unified voice and share experiences. The group is open to all individuals and organizations with an interest in microfinance working in Viet Nam; it currently has 85 members which include government agencies, microfinance institutions, NGOs, individuals, and others. Specific services include capacity building (training, workshops), fundraising, advocacy, data collection, and sharing information through bulletins and a mailing list. In December 2014 it held a workshop on “Transparency and Microfinance Legal Implementation in Viet Nam” and in September 2014 organized a conference with USAID and others on “Funding Access for Women Entrepreneurs and Better SME Development.”